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This is me in the lavender fields of Provence. 


I have spent years understanding watercolour and the effects I can achieve, developing a style of my own sometimes including acrylic inks and pastels to create different textures.

After several courses in England, Florence and online I am now painting with oils, something I have been very excited to learn and will continue to explore and develop every day. 

I enjoy painting from life, outdoors in cities, parks, in my garden or in my studio with fresh flowers exploring different ways to express what I see and feel.

My watercolour and oil paintings are about light, shape and colour! After years of this practice I now look at everything as a painting, seeing different tones and thinking about ways I might express what I experience every day.

Every time I pick up a brush I learn something new!.. this is what I find fulfilling about painting.

I am now sharing my passion with others and truly enjoying this new experience.

Sasha Ali Niamat

About the Giclee Prints

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