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This is me, doing what I love best when I'm not painting...exploring new places and enjoying desserts with my family. 


I have spent years trying to understand watercolour and the effects I can achieve with this challenging medium while developing a style of my own.

I will continue to explore with different materials as with each passing day I realise how much more there is to learn and achieve.

My paintings are about light, shapes and colours!

I enjoy expressing the light and shapes of my cityescapes and landscapes and then.... there's my obsession with flowers, the delicacy of the petals and the different shades and shapes of each flower...there are so many yet I must paint....This is my way of prolonging the happiness we derive from these short lived beauties...I know they add to my life as I await each wonderful season and the graceful blooms they allow us. 

At the moment my preference is with watercolour, sometimes combined with acrylic inks and chalk to create a painting capable of engaging the viewer and summoning even a small amount of the  pleasure, the serenity I feel when I've got my brush in hand! 

Sasha Ali Niamat

About the Giclee Prints

This is where my scans get printed! Brilliant precision and lasting colour!

High quality prints with archival quality inks onto watercolour paper.

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